Sunday, June 12, 2011

First Steps

When thinking about what my dream job would look like for about the millionth time, I came up with walking. I love to walk. I'm not sure if this is even possible, but why not try? What else am I doing (aside from everything). But I figure in today's modern world where sex tapes make you famous, there are professional life coaches, and gas costs over $4.00 a gallon, anything is possible.

Walking for me is meditation. I walk off stress, I walk to explore my surroundings, and I walk for exercise. Some of my most enduring memories are of family hikes in the woods of central NJ, getting blissfully lost in foreign cities, and even watching the events of 9/11 happening in front of my eyes while walking into work and into a new reality for America.

This blog is an experiment on many levels. Since moving from NYC to LA three years ago, I have found it challenging to incorporate walking into my life as it was in New York. This car culture was a shock to my system resulting in weight gain, increased stress, and growing back issues. It's hard to believe that I was healthier in New York City than I've ever been since moving to sunny California, but there it is.

This blog will chronicle my efforts to exercise my physical well being, my mental attitude, and my writing abilities. I make no promises on any of these, but each journey starts with that first step, and this is mine.


  1. hey scott!

    i hope this blog helps you find and or figure out what you're looking for, whatever that might be!

    i too tend to rely on walking a lot as a way to relax, de-stress and clear my head to think. i just came from a walk from my office(the empire state bldg.) to union square and back. the weather was nice for it too, not too hot with just enough of a cool breeze.

    great photo BTW too! love how that perfect circle of light hits the glasses lens just off center.

  2. Thanks J!

    Wow, my first comment. Yeah I really miss my post-work walks from Prince street to 59th - always a favorite of mine. It was like walking through the various layers of New York from the urban coolness of downtown, to the randomness of shops and wholesalers of the 20's, to the touristy high-endness of mid town with it's wide sidewalks and buildings with placards and of course the famous windows.

    With each layer, I usually shed a layer of stress, so that by the time I hopped on the N to get me back to Astoria I could leave it all in Manhattan for the next day.

    By the way, feel free to stop by the blog anytime and add your own walking thoughts. One foot in front of the other my friend-until we run out of road.

  3. One step at a time...we need a t-shirt. ;)

  4. t shirts- yes, down the line. fo sure!