Monday, June 27, 2011

Locally Grown

Total milage: approx 3.5 miles

Yesterday Kim and I kept it local by just wandering around the neighborhood to some of our favorite places, and checking out some new stuff: We checked out the new record shop, the farmers market, the corner farmers market, and grabbed a burrito at the bodega with one outside table. 

The beauty of buying in an up-and-coming neighborhood is watching it actually come up. Glendale Blvd is where its all happening which is the street that Kim and I first stopped for lunch at 3 years ago while apartment searching. It was that lunch that sealed the deal for us on Atwater Village. To us it felt like a beach town without the sand, fog, and traffic-perfect. 

Sometimes its just really nice to enjoy the few blocks that surround you, no driving, no planning, no matter how often you've see them.


  1. isn't it nice to enjoy the small things that make all the difference... ?!

  2. The older I get the the BIGGER the small things really are to me. Wisdom? Or shrinking world view?