Saturday, June 18, 2011

Home Stretch

Distance: .72 miles (out and back)

Was home sick all day yesterday, but I'd have to say the the short walk to the caldasac and back with the dog (Ollie) was a highlight. I've been sick for days now. Not bad enough to miss work, and since I get paid by the hour that is a good thing; but, sick enough to make each day drag on and on and on. So finally I had a day off and spent it inside with the exception of this walk.

The highlight of Ollie's days are his walks-as is with many dogs. He has a yard, which he uses to sun himself with but as far as exercise goes it's all about walks. He doesn't chase balls and he rarely wants a tug-of-war, all he usually wants is to be out and about smelling the news on each tree and "writing" his own over it. Although he does enjoy the exercise, I believe that for him the walks are more about staying connected to his surroundings. He doesn't like long walks, he never has a destination in mind, and as Tucan Sam advised, he truly follows his nose-it always knows.

I could take a page from his book, as could most of LA. Too often I sit on the couch rather than getting out there because I tell myself a walk to the corner and back is not worth it. No, the only thing that would make prying my butt off the couch would be a long hike! Nonsense. A long hike in nature is great to mix things up, but what could be more important than getting neighborhood news first hand as you talk to neighbors, watch local businesses opening and closing, or as I like to do, keep tabs on the "secret" dialogue of local gangs via their tagging. A simple walk to the corer and back gives me all this info and more if I let myself be aware of it.

Sometimes it takes my best friend to remind me that its always worth a walk to the corner, if just to get a look at my house from the sidewalk, as we return to the couch within.


  1. hoping you'll be able to walk him again tonight now that I'm sick! ;)